Mobility Experts
Mobility Experts

Power Chairs

DoAbility's range of power chairs are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. 
​We offer these electrical wheelchairs in varying styles, modifications, and customisation.

Our power chairs intend to provide the full advantages of cutting-edge technology and reliability. 
​As such, we supply high quality, affordable electric wheelchairs with user friendly features.

If you would like to arrange a consultation, get in touch to arrange a store appointment or online demonstration. 
​Any questions, call us at 01423740425.

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Yogi folding power chair

Yogi Folding Power Chairs

Yogi Folding Power Chairs enable users to do more and visit more places even with limited mobility. It is for both indoor and outdoor use, and is designed with the user and caregiver in mind. This electric wheelchair can fold in seconds -- without disassembling -- to easily fit any car boot.

Ninja powerchair

Ninja Powerchairs

Small and nimble, being one of the narrowest folding electric wheelchairs in the market, it can help users get through tight doorways and spaces without compromising on comfort.

Yogi Retro power wheelchair

Yogi Retro Power Wheelchair

With the Yogi Retro, users will have the freedom to get around and do the things they want to do with safety and convenience. Lightweight, durable, and strong, it is simple to operate and offers reliable mobility.

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