Power Wheelchairs

Power Wheelchairs in UK

Our Power Wheelchairs combine portability with full-time use. They have flexible seating, full-coverage armrests, and supportive backrest options. They fit into car boots for easy transport.

Our range of Yogi Folding Power Chairs, in particular, offers mobility solution built for the real world. These versatile wheelchairs are the ideal mobility aid for both indoor and outdoor use. With its quality construction and manoeuvrability, you can enjoy your freedom and independence.

Our power wheelchairs includes automatic, compact, as well as wide seat models for bigger users.

All our power chairs come with:

Switching to a Power Chair

It is hard to deny the fatigue and pain that may come from years of pushing a manual chair. Switching to a power chair could be the way to maintain independence without much effort. Power wheelchairs allow people to do more things with less pain, less fatigue, but more mobility.

When Is It Time to Change?

Self-assessment can be beneficial in deciding whether switching to a folding power wheelchair is worth it. If you find yourself avoiding going certain places because it's too hard, or you have persistent shoulder pain when wheeling, then it is time to upgrade to a portable power wheelchair.

Equipment changes in response to warning signals can help control or prevent chronic conditions. Electric wheelchairs and other equipment upgrades can also serve to project a more functional image. They are faster and more manoeuvrable than manual wheelchairs -- plus, they conserve more energy.

Taking action before major problems occur can also help prevent skin problems or the onset of some chronic pain. Upgrading your medical equipment cannot prevent functional decline. It can, however, delay the need for additional help.

When the price for not changing is a definite decline in quality of life, then change may be easier to accept. No one has a formula for how to figure this out - everyone is different. What is clear, though, is that people who have made the change to a power chair report less pain and fatigue. If pain and fatigue from pushing a manual chair are ongoing problems, a power wheelchair may be a logical and appropriate response.

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