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Ninja Powerchair

The Ninja Electric Wheelchair incorporates two distinct attributes of a true ninja -- travel light, travel easy.

Small and nimble, being one of the narrowest folding electric wheelchairs on the market, it can help you get through tight doorways and spaces without compromising on comfort.

Key Features of the Ninja Powerchair

Easy-Open Folding Electric Wheelchair

You can flip the chair open in one simple movement and lock it steady using the sturdy and reliable clip at the back.

Lightweight and Accessible

The Ninja Electric Wheelchair is light, with easy-to-remove batteries and an easy-fold mechanism. It is effortless to move around for storage and transportation, like when getting it in and out of the car or public transport. With the Ninja, there is no need to get a large adapted vehicle to get around.

The cushioned armrests can be easily flipped up along with the footrest, enabling the user to transfer to and from the wheelchair with ease. 

Great for Air Travels

The Ninja Power Chair can fold into the size of a regular suitcase. The batteries are also small enough take on airplanes, as some airlines have a 10AH restriction on the battery size.

Easy to Assemble

Assembling the Ninja is a piece of cake with a separate backrest and cushion. The chair is delivered together with two batteries which slide easily and cleverly to the aluminium frame in perfect balance. 

You can attach the joystick with a simple screw-on mechanism that is simple to access and will remain connected even when travelling on uneven surfaces.

Has both Power and Manual Mode

You can shift between power and manual mode with an easy-flip switch.

Easy to Control and Manoeuvre

The 360-degree joystick is simple to use giving you total control over your preferred maximum speed. Thanks to its two batteries, the Ninja can travel with a weight of over 180kg at the speed of nearly 6km per hour.

The brushless motor makes very little noise, and you can travel for about 25km with a single charge. So that’s 50km on two batteries.

Electromagnetic Brake System

If you’re going down a ramp, you don’t have to worry about losing control and tumbling over. The intelligent electromagnetic brake system enables the Ninja to automatically brake on its own.

Comes in Various Colours

While a ninja is popularly known to wear black, there is no written evidence for this costume. In fact, a ninja is commonly disguised as a civilian. Hence, the Ninja Electric Wheelchair doesn’t only come in the usual black -- it is also available in Blue, Silver, Red, Pink, and Yellow.

This Ninja gives you a choice to make choices.

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