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If you are all fingers and thumbs when it comes to doing up zips, then our colourful Zipz Zip Pulls can make zips simple. Tested to ensure the pulls are durable and easy to use, these ergonomically designed zip pulls are simple yet effective.

Great for: people with limited mobility on the hands and fingers

Use this for: pulling zippers

Key Features:

  • Effective even whilst wearing gloves
  • Comes in packs of 3
  • Can be fitted to coats, bags, pockets, keys, camping and outdoor gear, and anything else with a zipper 
  • Made from non-toxic silicone rubber
  • Washable at 40°c.

How to Use:

Simply pass the string through the eye of the zip, loop it over the rubbery bulb and pull tight.  

Please note, the Multi-Coloured Pack contains an equal mix of Pink, Black, and Turquoise Zipz

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