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We stock a range of rollators, for a range of occasions. Here's a quick guide to help you find the right one...


Volaris: the best quality, style, and range of rollators we've seen around - there's bound to be one to suit your needs.

Liberty City: simple, practical, and portable rollators.

Rollz Motion: an innovative rollator and wheelchair in one. 

Let's go: this rollator specialises in simple, no-fuss indoor practicality


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  1. S7 Smart Rollator

    S7 Smart Rollator

    £275.51 £229.59

    A high-quality stable walking aid with internal brake cables, allowing you to move around the home or outdoors with minimal fuss.

  2. S7 Patrol Rollator

    S7 Patrol Rollator

    £320.72 £267.27

    The S7 Patrol is a stable rollator with four, large shock-absorbing wheels that make outdoor walks a breeze.

  3. Volaris S7 Smart Kids Rollator

    S7 Smart Rollator - Kids

    £415.10 £345.92

    A stable walking aid with internal brake cables, adapted in size for children, so they can move around in the home with minimal fuss.

  4. S7 Rollator

    S7 Rollator

    £264.78 £220.65

    The S7 Rollator is a well-developed lightweight and flexible rollator with functions for everybody.

  5. S7 Compact Rollator

    S7 Compact Rollator

    £280.02 £233.35

    With its 50 mm narrow framework, the Volaris S7 Compact Rollator makes it easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces and get around.

  6. S7 Discovery Rollator - XL

    S7 Discovery Rollator - XL

    £394.68 £328.90

    The Volaris S7 Discovery XL Rollator is suitable for users between 140 and 190 cm in height, with a maximum weight of 160 kg.

  7. Volaris RA

    Volaris RA

    £539.95 £449.96

    Forearm rollator with padded gutter armrests is ideal for people with limited grip, arthritis, or lower arm strength

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