We don’t want to blow our own trumpet too much... so here are some testimonials from satisfied users of our products. 

"On the two occasions I have 'phoned the ladies I spoke to have been extremely helpful. My faith in humanity has been restored and I'd heartily recommend this company to anyone. Again, thank-you."

Pwllheli, Gwynedd

"I am very glad  to be able to record my sincere gratitude for DoAbility's efforts to help my friend - who had been laid unexpectedly low with a serious exacerbation of his knee condition just before we were to depart on a short holiday. I work in Singapore and was returning to Europe for a short break with my wife and our best friends and so my friend's ability to get about on our short holiday was critical. He was awaiting a knee replacement.

We realised only at the weekend before our trip how bad his knee had become but he also has rheumatoid arthritis in his wrists and so my son (who is a Doctor) and his wife (a physiotherapist) recommended DoAbility's elbow crutch to enable him to get about.  

We tried local suppliers and a major online retailer and they promised delivery the following day but when we ordered the product it said delivery by 2100. As we were to leave at 1700, that was no use.

We contacted Doability direct and were all so very grateful to them for stepping into the breach - literally - of a delivery promise and sorting things out.  Through very hard work and exceptional effort involving their delivery agents UPS, late in the day, DoAbility managed to get the crutch to us in Southport before our departure. Success in their efforts was of course most important but it was the fact that they went to enormous trouble to help us in the way they did which deserves commendation. We were most grateful and Doability's efforts were the epitome of the concept in  the company name, "Doability". The Company should be very proud that it has such staff who would go out of their way to help us in an our hour of need. They did way beyond what their job required with such friendliness, enthusiasm and courtesy that we have all been delighted to encounter such a reaction. The outcome was that we enjoyed a great little holiday that would have been an immobile disaster but for the Company's efforts. My friend has now had the knee replacement and is using the superb piece of kit Doability supplied in his rehabilitation."

Mr. Andrew Moran
QC - Singapore

"Just for the record ... I've enjoyed your excellent customer service, and really appreciated pleasant communication with your company. "

Mrs. Pritchard

"Thank you. Very professional and efficient."

Gilbert Greuter

"The S7 Smart has just arrived at my mother’s place in Foligno, and she loves it! In fact, she’s thinking about taking it out for a spin this afternoon to a monastery nestled in the hills near by. Many thanks for facilitating such a smooth delivery. All the best."
Maria Inglis

"Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.  My order arrived this morning and I am sure it will make my life much easier. Now I know about your company and the good service I received I will be passing your product details on to my disabled friends."

Susan Mallows

"It is a pleasure... to do business with you, Mr. Clive Taylor, and I should add here that you put many other web-based businesses - who should know better - to shame.   Well done.  I deal day-to-day almost exclusively with e-commerce businesses, and I am not  'gilding the lily' when I say yours is one of the best in terms of service, accessibility, communication, and web presence."

Colin Miller

"I bought my Volaris S7 several months ago, and love it!" I already had the bog-standard 3- and 4-wheeled walkers, but was going on holiday and needed a more lightweight and easily-foldable model to get into the car boot (and hopefully later into taxi/train/’bus!).  It had to cope with a bit of sightseeing outdoors, being a comfortable seat for rest breaks, but also earning its keep indoors as a kitchen-to-dining room trolley. After a couple of weeks of online research, I finally settled  on this model.  Not only did it fulfil my brief, but it was aesthetically pleasing too.  If you have to have a walking aid, why not have one with style?!  It has been admired and commented on everywhere I go, from the taxi driver (“that’s a posh one”), other diners in a restaurant (“I’d like to get one for my father”), to fellow outpatients at the hospital and, more importantly, staff in various hospital departments.  Physiotherapists are particularly interested, and comment on the excellent brakes, easy manoeuverability and flexibility of the frame.  I recently had an MRI scan and the radiologist  said that it was a shame that the NHS couldn‘t provide them! I’ve been more than happy to extol the virtues of my Volaris, but more particularly to sing the praises of Doability as a supplier.  I did lots of research to find the model, similarly to find a supplier.  It was serendipitous that I found Clive Taylor.  Not only did I get a favourable price online, but also excellent and very prompt service from Clive personally. In all, I am absolutely delighted with my Volaris S7, and happy to recommend Clive’s services at Doability."

Pat Carr

"I have the orginal (S3) demonstration model Volaris rollator.  It has been, and still is, a great product. I rely on it every day."
M Pollard

"You have been outstandingly helpful throughout this transaction - thank you for everything... You took a lot of trouble to help me choose the right model and to ensure that it was properly adjusted for my height. I've been very pleased with my Volaris S3 walker, which I've been using for almost a year now.  I travel by plane quite frequently and use it in the airport (where one often has to walk quite a distance, or be part of a long, slow queue, so it's useful to be able to sit down.) I  hand it over to staff at the plane steps to be put in the hold and I'm either reunited with it as I get off the plane or I collect it from the carousel with the rest of my luggage. It looks so much more attractive than the average mobility aid, and I've been stopped in the street and asked about it several times, both in this country and abroad. People appreciate good design when they see it."
H Pritchard
The Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

"My yoga teacher is very pleased with the S7 (she has not seen the S3). She informs me that it is the best for walking upright, more space in front...I can go out with the S7 in inclement weather and the brakes give me stability.  I went out shopping in an absolute gale and the brakes kept me steady. Very, very pleased with it... service given was excellent!"

D Todd
Edinburgh, Scotland

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