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Mobility Experts

Volaris Rollators

Volaris Rollators focus on design, functionality, and safety. They aim to improve the quality of life of the elderly and those with limited mobility.

Volaris' trademark Comfort Frame enables the rollator to run smooth over uneven ground. The X-section construction facilitates folding and enables it to stand upright even when folded.

The heights of the handles and seat are adjustable without the use of tools. The handles are soft and ergonomic. The brake provides an ”intelligent” linkage system. Equipped with VABS (Volaris Advanced Brake System), Volaris rollators have an enhanced braking function. Both the service and parking brakes are easy to access, assisting with safe braking.

The rollators go with various accessories to match the user's needs.

volaris s7 smart rollator

Volaris S7 Smart Rollator

The S7 smart features internal brake cables and ergonomic grips, streamlining the original S7 design.  The Comfort Frame™ allows the rollator to remain stable on uneven surfaces.

volaris s7 patrol rollator

Volaris S7 Patrol Rollator

The S7 Patrol is a stable rollator with four, large shock-absorbing wheels. It is designed especially for rough terrain in gardens or on country paths. 

volaris s7 compact rollator

Volaris S7 Compact Rollator

Light and versatile, the Smart compact combines the S7 Smart technical features, and reproduces them with a narrower frame and size approved for indoor and outdoor use.