Special Needs Pushchair and Accessories

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  1. DoBuggy Stroller

    DoBuggy Stroller

    £292.20 £243.50

    Designed for children with special needs. This special needs stroller can accomodate weights up to 50kg. It includes a 5-point harness and wrap around seat frame to protect your child from bumps while riding the stroller.

  2. Raincover and Sunshade on Dobuggy

    DoBuggy Accessories Set

    £107.99 £89.99

    The DoBuggy Accessories Set is a special 10% discount offer. The set includes a sunshade, rain/wind shield, and shopping basket.

  3. DoBuggy Sunshade

    DoBuggy Sunshade

    £58.86 £49.05

    Easily attaches to the frame of the DoBuggy, helping protect your child from the sun's harmful rays.

  4. Footplate for DoBuggy

    Footplate for DoBuggy

    £38.15 £31.79

    Prevents your child from rubbing their dangling legs on the back and inner sides of the stroller.

  5. Raincover for DoBuggy

    Raincover for DoBuggy

    £40.96 £34.13

    Provides your child with protection from the rain and wind when out using the DoBuggy.

  6. Padded Boot for DoBuggy

    Padded Boot for DoBuggy

    £71.29 £59.41

    Excellent for added shelter and warmth for the legs and feet when using the DoBuggy.

  7. Lateral Supports for DoBuggy

    Lateral Supports for DoBuggy

    Special Price £56.26 £46.88 Regular Price £57.59

    Can be easily fixed to the inside of the DoBuggy Stroller, using poppers, on either side of the child.

  8. Harness Cover for DoBuggy

    Harness Cover for DoBuggy

    £22.97 £19.14

    Adds extra comfort to the five-point harness on the DoBuggy. This is particularly helpful if your child is likely to wriggle around.

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Special Needs Pushchair in UK

The DoBuggy is a special needs pushchair designed for children with special needs. It is a trusted brand by the NHS Wheelchair Services that supply this stroller throughout the UK.

Key features of this pushchair are:

  • 50-kg weight capacity, 

  • 5-point harness, 

  • height adjustable footrest,

  • wrap-around seat fabric, ensuring safety and comfort for the child.

Special Needs Pushchair Accessories

We also provide a range of practical accessories that will enhance ease and security in using the DoBuggy.

family with a child using special needs pushchair

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