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  1. Rokzi Legs

    Rokzi Legs

    £56.58 £47.15

    A simple, bolt-on anti-tip legs which prevent children from tipping school chairs, potentially causing serious injury.

  2. Groovz Stable Arm Guide

    Groovz Stable Arm Guide

    £62.74 £52.28

    Can help to stabilise arms for those who have impaired upper limb function, enabling them to perform useful tasks with their hands.

  3. Grabzi Grab Bar

    Grabzi Grab Bar

    £56.58 £47.15

    Can be used as a secure anchor point for one hand allowing the user to focus all their attention on the free hand, with the effect that involuntary movements

  4. Rokzi Arms

    Rokzi Arms

    £103.20 £86.00

    An easy and effective stability system for children and young people with disabilities, who require extra support when using standard school chairs.

  5. Moozi Joystick

    Moozi Joystick

    £147.42 £122.85

    Simple to position on a tray or table, using Velcro™ or a non-slip mat. It has a smooth, light, sliding action (190g force) so, with the right choice of knob, even young children will quickly use it with ease.

  6. Zipz Zip Pulls

    Zipz Zip Pulls

    £14.94 £12.45

    Tested to ensure the pulls are durable and easy to use, these ergonomically designed zip pulls are simple yet effective.

  7. Pen Holder for Children

    Pen Holder for Children

    £9.56 £7.97

    Designed for people with less mobility in their hands, or who have difficulty gripping smaller objects.

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