Recovery is not easy, but you can still get around on a good pair of crutches. Be sure to add great accessories from our accessories page to make them more comfortable.

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  1. Crutch Flex - Child

    Crutch Flex - Child

    £24.62 £20.52

    The Crutch Flex Child is an ideal crutch for children who need extra stability and help when walking.

  2. Ergo Crutch Flex

    Ergo Crutch Flex

    £43.62 £36.35

    The Ergo Crutch Flex has a handle moulded to the right or left hand, and can be angled to suit the user’s needs.

  3. Anatomic Comfort Crutch

    Anatomic Comfort Crutch

    £30.68 £25.57

    The Anatomic Comfort Crutch uses innovative design to accommodate the daily use of crutches, making it ideal for frequent users.

  4. Folding Funkrutch

    Folding Funkrutch

    £29.40 £24.50

    Both functional and fashionable, these foldable crutches can be folded into a manageable size to maximise practicality.

  5. Double Adjustable Crutch

    Double Adjustable Crutch

    £18.13 £15.11

    The Double Adjustable Crutch is made using aluminium and contoured plastic (PP), with soft handles and open cuff to give you maximum comfort.

  6. Double Adjustable Crutch with Folding Cuff

    Double Adjustable Crutch with Folding Cuff

    £22.10 £18.42

    The Double Adjustable Crutch with Foldable Cuff is designed to fit a busy lifestyle, and is both comfortable and adaptable.

  7. Funkrutch


    £26.71 £22.26

    Add a splash of colour to your daily routine with these functional and stylish, adjustable crutches.

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