Looking for something to keep you comfortable or give you a little extra stability? We carry a wide range of walking aid accessories for your canes and crutches.

Our accessories come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. From crutch holders to rubber ferrules, our goal is to make your life easier.

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  1. The Crutch Holder Flex is made of a soft plastic

    Crutch Flex Holder

    £4.93 £4.11

    The Crutch Flex Holder enables you to hang your crutch or cane from a chair, counter, or table.

  2. Rubber Crutch Tip Ferrule - 19.5mm

    Rubber Crutch Tip Ferrule - 19.5mm

    £2.52 £2.10

    This is an extra rubber tip for canes and crutches with a 19- to 21-mm diametre.

  3. Also available in Ice Spike SVCR.

    Ice Crown for Crutches

    £11.65 £9.71

    The Ice Spike Crown is a foldable ice pick that can be attached to walking sticks and crutches.

  4. Comfort Crutch Pad

    Comfort Crutch Pad

    £10.18 £8.48

    This Crutch Pad uses soft self-adhesive crutch upholstery, which can be applied to the handle and armband of your crutch for added comfort.

  5. Rubber Crutch Tip - 19.5mm

    Rubber Crutch Tip - 19.5mm

    £2.45 £2.45

    The Rubber Crutch Tip - 19.5mm is ideal for crutches, canes, and walking frames.

  6. Rubber Crutch Tip - 22mm

    Rubber Crutch Tip - 22mm

    £3.45 £3.45

    The Rubber Crutch Tip - 22mm is a heavy duty crutch tip for crutches, canes, and even stools. 

  7. DinoFoot Crutch Tip

    DinoFoot Crutch Tip

    £14.28 £11.90

    The DinoFoot Crutch Tip is a revolutionary ferrule that is designed to give you extra stability and comfort when using a crutch or cane.

  8. Cane Tip - 18mm

    Cane Tip - 18mm

    £3.60 £3.00

    Replacement cane tip. Provides skid-resistant traction for canes with 18mm diametre.

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