Rollators and Rollator Walkers in UK

What is a rollator walker?

A rollator is an adaptive aid that can help you regain your mobility. Rollator walkers integrate 4 wheels into a walking frame. Instead of lifting the walker to move, you just have to push it. It is ideal for people who need more than the support of a walking cane.  

Rollator walkers aim to improve the quality of life of the elderly and those with limited mobility.  Four wheeled walkers are designed to give the user extra stability when walking.

Where to buy a rollator in UK?

You can buy a rollator here, at

DoAbility carries a variety of rollators and rollator walker accessories to meet your needs. Choose between the ever-dependable Volaris Rollators; the affordable and compact Yogi Rollator; and the versatile Rollz Motion Rollator Wheelchair and Opti Rolly 2-in-1 Rollator and Transport Chair.

How to choose a rollator walker?

There are many different types of rollators: lightweight, foldable, as well as rollator walkers with seat. The rollators go with various accessories to match the user's needs. If you need help, call us or book a Free Demo.

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Click on the images to find out more about our rollators:

Yogi Rollator

Volaris Rollators

Opti Rolly 2-in-1 Rollator Transporter Chair

Liberty City Bariatric Rollator




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