Rollators are an adaptive aids that can help you regain your mobility. Rollator walker integrates 4 wheels into a walking frame. Instead of lifting the walker to move, you just have to push it. It is ideal for people who need more than the support of a walking cane.  

DoAbility carries a variety of rollators and rollator walker accessories to meet your needs. Choose between the ever-dependable Volaris Rollator; the affordable and compact Yogi Rollator; and the versatile Rollz Motion Rollator Wheelchair and Opti Rolly 2-in-1 Rollator and Transport Chair.

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  1. S7 Smart Rollator

    S7 Smart Rollator

    £275.51 £229.59

    A high-quality stable walking aid with internal brake cables, allowing you to move around the home or outdoors with minimal fuss.

  2. Yogi Rollator

    Yogi Rollator

    £164.03 £136.69

    The Yogi Rollator has an easy to use, clean design that you would love. It is light and compact, so you can take it with you when you travel.

  3. S7 Patrol Rollator

    S7 Patrol Rollator

    £320.72 £267.27

    The S7 Patrol is a stable rollator with four, large shock-absorbing wheels that make outdoor walks a breeze.

  4. Liberty City Rollator - Bariatric

    Liberty City Rollator - Bariatric

    £298.66 £248.88

    The Liberty City Bariatric Rollator is made from light-weight aluminium, but specially made for wider or heavier users.

  5. Volaris S7 Smart Kids Rollator

    S7 Smart Rollator - Kids

    £415.10 £345.92

    A stable walking aid with internal brake cables, adapted in size for children, so they can move around in the home with minimal fuss.

  6. S7 Rollator

    S7 Rollator

    £264.78 £220.65

    The S7 Rollator is a well-developed lightweight and flexible rollator with functions for everybody.

  7. S7 Compact Rollator

    S7 Compact Rollator

    £280.02 £233.35

    With its 50 mm narrow framework, the Volaris S7 Compact Rollator makes it easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces and get around.

  8. Rollator Wheelchair - Ice blue

    Rollz Motion Rollator/Wheelchair

    £599.99 £499.99

    The Rollz Motion Rollator-Wheelchair is a convertible rollator that can also turn into a wheelchair.

  9. S7 Compact Rollator - Low

    S7 Compact Rollator - Low

    £339.55 £282.96

    The Volaris S7 Compact Rollator Low is ideal for short individuals with mobility problems.

  10. Volaris RA

    Volaris RA

    £539.95 £449.96

    The Volaris RA Rollator is suitable for people who need extra support.

  11. S7 Patrol Rollator - Wide Low

    S7 Patrol Rollator - Wide Low

    £326.04 £271.70

    The Volaris S7 Patrol - Wide Low is ideal for shorter and larger people with mobility problems.

  12. Opti Rolly 2-in-1 Rollator and Transporter Chair

    Opti Rolly 2-in-1 Rollator and Transporter Chair

    £420.48 £350.40

    The Opti Rolly 2 in 1 Rollator and Transporter Chair combines a rollator and wheelchair in one unit.

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