Mobility Aids

DoAbility offers a growing range of affordable, high quality mobility aids. Whether you need them for temporary use whilst recuperating from an illness or injury, or need a permanent mobility aid to go about your daily life, we got it.

Our mobility aids include top of the line rollators that can go on any terrain, wheelchairs with retractable wheels for easier transfer, foldable crutches and canes, user-friendly power chairs, and a massive range of accessories to ensure maximum comfort and safety.  

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  1. Funkrutch


    £26.71 £22.26

    Add a splash of colour to your daily routine with these functional and stylish, adjustable crutches.

  2. Yogi Folding Power Chair 8"

    Yogi Folding Power Chair 8"

    £2,351.22 £1,959.35

    The Yogi Folding Power Chair 8" is a compact powered wheelchair, designed for indoor and outdoor use.

  3. The Crutch Holder Flex is made of a soft plastic

    Crutch Flex Holder

    £4.93 £4.11

    The Crutch Flex Holder enables you to hang your crutch or cane from a chair, counter, or table.

  4. Arthritic Crutch Flex

    Arthritic Crutch Flex


    The Arthritic Crutch Flex allows your weight to be distributed throughout the upper arm for those who have difficulty using normal crutches due to lack of strength in the hands or lower arms.

  5. S7 Smart Rollator

    S7 Smart Rollator

    £275.51 £229.59

    A high-quality stable walking aid with internal brake cables, allowing you to move around the home or outdoors with minimal fuss.

  6. S7 Patrol Rollator

    S7 Patrol Rollator

    £320.72 £267.27

    The S7 Patrol is a stable rollator with four, large shock-absorbing wheels that make outdoor walks a breeze.

  7. Volaris RA

    Volaris RA

    £539.95 £449.96

    The Volaris RA Rollator is suitable for people who need extra support.

  8. Yogi Rollator

    Yogi Rollator

    £164.03 £136.69

    This lightweight rollator is very well designed and manufactured using quality materials. It is very stable and easy to manoeuvre indoors and outdoors.

  9. Opti Rolly 2-in-1 Rollator and Transporter Chair

    Opti Rolly 2-in-1 Rollator and Transporter Chair

    £420.48 £350.40

    The Opti Rolly 2 in 1 Rollator and Transporter Chair combines a rollator and wheelchair in one unit.

  10. Folding Funkrutch

    Folding Funkrutch

    £29.40 £24.50

    Both functional and fashionable, these foldable crutches can be folded into a manageable size to maximise practicality.

  11. DinoFoot Crutch Tip

    DinoFoot Crutch Tip

    £14.28 £11.90

    The DinoFoot Crutch Tip is a revolutionary ferrule that is designed to give you extra stability and comfort when using a crutch or cane.

  12. Comfort Crutch Pad

    Comfort Crutch Pad

    £8.24 £6.87

    This Crutch Pad uses soft self-adhesive crutch upholstery, which can be applied to the handle and armband of your crutch for added comfort.

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