Meet The Team

At Doability, we want to provide a personal service which makes you feel at home. To help you get to know us, here is a bit about our team...


Managing Director

Clive founded Doability in April 2007 as a continuation of the family business in Australia. Clive’s vision for the company is to see people enabled to live a fulfilled life, with style, dignity and independence. He gained this vision from personal experience with his sister, who became partially paralysed after an accident in her teens. This people-centred outlook has carried on into the company ethos today. 



Customer Relations Manager

Deborah has been at Doability since early in 2014. She responds to customer queries and calls, and loves the customer contact in her job. She also deals with our trade and professional customer accounts to make sure all their needs are met.

Warehouse Manager

Pete is likely to be the person who will be packaging your parcel. He deals with all our orders, and keeps our stock sorted as well as other back-office tasks.

Chief Digital Information Officer

Max deals with the internal systems such as the product and CRM databases and makes sure they talk to eachother using APIs, spreadsheets, and black magic. He joined as a temp in 2016 to fix some product data and has been finding and fixing problems ever since. So if you see an incorrect stock value or an item that shouldn't exist, it might not be his fault that it happened, but it is his fault that it hasn't been fixed yet!

SEO Expert


Content Manager

Cheryl has been with DoAbility since 2009. She oversees all content-related tasks on our website and blog. She creates, edits, posts, and updates almost everything on the site.

External Relationships

Around the World

We don't have all of the resources we need in-house, so over the years we have worked with various external organisations, individuals, and suppliers. We value these business relationships and the things they have brought to the company, and so this little section is dedicated as thanks to them!

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