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  1. Duo Cup & Mug Handle

    Duo Cup & Mug Handle

    £22.57 £18.81

    An innovative and ergonomic handle which can be attached to mugs, glasses and bottles to increase grip and stability when drinking or carrying.

  2. Transparent Blue

    Tuffmug 180ml - Insulated, Conical Inside

    £12.14 £10.12

    Features a conical inner cup that enables the user to drink easily, even in a reclined position.

  3. Grip-Cup with Scale 250ml

    Grip-Cup with Scale 250ml

    £5.04 £4.20

    Has a textured rubber pattern for a non-slip grip, and millilitre measurement markers to help users monitor fluid intake without the need for a measuring jug.

  4. Health Care Cup 250ml

    Health Care Cup 250ml

    £1.60 £1.33

    A functional measuring cup. Its textured surface ensures a safe and easy grasp.

  5. Yellow

    ErgoPlus Mug 250ml

    £6.91 £5.76

    Offers more stability and easier handling. Comes in a variety of colours.

  6. Mug with Handle 250ml

    Mug with Handle 250ml

    £3.98 £3.32

    An extra large handle to relieve the problems associated with gripping small handles. 

  7. Mug with Handle 350ml

    Mug with Handle 350ml

    £3.29 £2.74

    This tried and tested Mug with Handle ensures optimal and safe use due to its extra large handle.

  8. Blue

    Tuffmug 320ml

    £3.29 £2.74

    Comes in a captivating, modern design and vibrant colours. The large, tried and tested handle makes it easy to hold the mug.

  9. Transparent Green

    Tuffmug 280ml Insulated

    £3.91 £3.26

    Made of polypropylene plastic, making it sturdy and light at the same time. A suitable drinking cup for the elderly.

  10. Grip-Cup with Flowers 250ml

    Grip-Cup with Flowers 250ml

    £5.04 £4.20

    Has a modern and colourful design with intelligent functionality. The floral design is made from a non-slip material to provide extra grip.

  11. Tuffmug 200ml - Insulated, two handles, conical inside

    Tuffmug 200ml - Insulated, two handles, conical inside

    £13.45 £11.21

    Conical inside offers more stability for easier handling, whilst the conical interior saves straining while drinking. It is great for hot and cold drinks.

  12. Tuffmug 320ml - Insulated

    Tuffmug 320ml - Insulated

    £10.78 £8.98

    Features a double wall to keep drinks warm, and an ergonomic handle. It can be combined with a spouted drinking lid for spill-free use (sold separately).

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