Kitchen Aids

Our Kitchen Aids make everyday living possible again. Our range of independent living solutions for the kitchen make food preparation and meal times enjoyable once more.

Discover all our kitchen aids below.


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  1. Blue

    Tuffmug 320ml

    £3.29 £2.74

    Comes in a captivating, modern design and vibrant colours. The large, tried and tested handle makes it easy to hold the mug.

  2. wide opening (512)

    Drinking Lid

    £2.77 £2.31

    Designed to encourage independent and safe drinking. It also prevents the spillage of contents and provides for easy sippage by directing the liquid straight into the mouth.

  3. Transparent Green

    Tuffmug 280ml Insulated

    £3.91 £3.26

    Made of polypropylene plastic, making it sturdy and light at the same time. A suitable drinking cup for the elderly.

  4. Grip-Cup with Flowers 250ml

    Grip-Cup with Flowers 250ml

    £5.04 £4.20

    Has a modern and colourful design with intelligent functionality. The floral design is made from a non-slip material to provide extra grip.

  5. Easy-Scoop Bowl 15cm

    Easy-Scoop Bowl 15cm

    £17.15 £14.29

    Aside from its sleek and stylish design, it has features three unique differences from other bowls: a sloped base, a hidden bulge, and a non-slip ring at the bottom.

  6. Silicone Bottle Opener

    Silicone Bottle Opener

    £3.16 £2.63

    Makes opening small containers easy. Tenura bottle openers will allow you to achieve a comfortable grip on twist top bottle caps or other small containers

  7. Silicone Anti-Slip Circular Coasters

    Silicone Anti-Slip Circular Coasters

    £4.79 £3.99

    Offer excellent grip. These coasters will adhere to a surface with no trouble, but can also be removed easily with no residue left behind.

  8. Silicone Anti-Slip Square Coasters

    Silicone Anti-Slip Square Coasters

    £7.14 £5.95

    These coasters adhere to a surface quickly, but can be removed easily, with no residue left behind.

  9. Tenura Silicone Rubber Anti Slip Rectangular Floor Mat

    Silicone Anti-Slip Floor Mat

    £63.96 £53.30

    Prevents slips and falls before they happen. Made from non-toxic silicone rubber, it is machine-washable

  10. Silicone Jar Opener

    Silicone Jar Opener

    £4.03 £3.36

    Make opening jars much easier, allowing the user to attain a good, comfortable grip without applying too much pressure.

  11. Silicone Anti-Slip Table Mat

    Silicone Anti-Slip Table Mat

    £9.40 £7.83

    A silicone rubber mat with excellent non-slip qualities and can be used in many areas.

  12. Tenura Non Slip Fabric

    Anti-Slip Fabric Roll

    £7.90 £6.58

    Not only  non-slip, but is also washable and completely waterproof, able to withstand complete submersion in water.

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