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A slippery surface is a potential hazard. Some surfaces are prone to becoming extremely slippery when moist. Accidents that occur as a result of slipping can cause serious injuries, especially to the elderly.

DoAbility offers an ideal solution to safeguarding you and your loved ones from the dangers of slips and spills. A huge part of this safety lies in the rubber material used to make our non-slip aids. It enhances traction and inhibits moisture at the same time.

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  1. Non-Slip Place Mat

    Non-Slip Place Mat

    £15.18 £12.65

    Grips well on smooth surfaces, and can hold items in place. 

  2. Silicone Anti-Slip Circular Coasters

    Silicone Anti-Slip Circular Coasters

    £4.79 £3.99

    Offer excellent grip. These coasters will adhere to a surface with no trouble, but can also be removed easily with no residue left behind.

  3. Silicone Anti-Slip Square Coasters

    Silicone Anti-Slip Square Coasters

    £7.14 £5.95

    These coasters adhere to a surface quickly, but can be removed easily, with no residue left behind.

  4. Super Grip Adhesive Mat

    Super Grip Adhesive Mat

    £13.45 £11.21

    Will grip items on sloping surfaces for you (depending on object height and weight). It will leave no residue marks on the surface they were removed from.

  5. Tenura Silicone Rubber Anti Slip Rectangular Floor Mat

    Silicone Anti-Slip Floor Mat

    £63.96 £53.30

    Prevents slips and falls before they happen. Made from non-toxic silicone rubber, it is machine-washable

  6. Silicone Anti-Slip Table Mat

    Silicone Anti-Slip Table Mat

    £9.40 £7.83

    A silicone rubber mat with excellent non-slip qualities and can be used in many areas.

  7. Tenura Non Slip Fabric

    Anti-Slip Fabric Roll

    £7.90 £6.58

    Not only  non-slip, but is also washable and completely waterproof, able to withstand complete submersion in water.

  8. blue color

    Anti-Slip Grip Strips

    £10.27 £8.56

    Can be easily moulded and wrapped around objects and handles. It may also be used flat on a tray, or on the floor as a floor, step, or foot plate grip.

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