Gripping and Turning

Arthritis can make even the most simple tasks difficult and painful. Our gripping and turning aids are helpful in reducing arthritis pain when doing these tasks. 

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  1. Tube Squeezer

    Tube Squeezer

    £13.22 £11.02

    If you have trouble getting the toothpaste or tomato puree out of the tube, or you simply want to save money, you won’t waste a drop with this.

  2. Jar Opener

    Jar Opener

    £20.10 £16.75

    Makes opening any bottle or jar a breeze.

  3. The Door Opener is made of aluminium

    Door Opener

    £24.53 £20.44

    It fits most standard variations of door handles, and does what it says on the tin!

  4. Key Turner

    Key Turner

    £7.48 £6.23

    It gives extra leverage for a single or several keys

  5. Key Holder

    Key Holder

    £11.76 £9.80

    It gives extra leverage for the key.

  6. Weighted Ballpoint Pen

    Weighted Ballpoint Pen

    £23.99 £19.99

    Contains five weights, which can help neutralise trembling and shaking hands. The refill is a standard pen refill which can be bought at local stationery shops.

  7. Handigrip Reacher

    Handigrip Reacher

    £13.99 £11.66

    Designed for maximum usability, with minimum effort. 

  8. Tap Turner

    Tap Turner

    £17.20 £14.33
  9. Cap Turner

    Cap Turner

    £17.20 £14.33

    Can remove caps from bottles in seconds with minimal effort, by increasing the friction and pressure placed on the cap

  10. Pen Holder

    Pen Holder

    £9.56 £7.97

    Designed for people with reduced mobility in their hands, or who have difficulty gripping smaller objects.

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