Household Aids


Limited mobility can make daily tasks painful, or even prevent you from doing them. Our lifting and reaching aids, shopping trolleys, gripping and turning aids, holders, and other household aids make it easier to perform daily household activities.

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  1. Pen Holder

    Pen Holder

    £9.56 £7.97

    Designed for people with reduced mobility in their hands, or who have difficulty gripping smaller objects.

  2. Leg-Up


    £8.95 £7.46

    Can easily help you overcome the need to bend down or hold onto something in order to lift your leg.

  3. The Door Opener is made of aluminium

    Door Opener

    £24.53 £20.44

    It fits most standard variations of door handles, and does what it says on the tin!

  4. Classic Handigrip

    Classic Handigrip

    £8.58 £7.15

    A multi-purpose gripper, perfect for picking up items without the need to bend or reach. 

  5. Weighted Ballpoint Pen

    Weighted Ballpoint Pen

    £0.00 £0.00

    Contains five weights, which can help neutralise trembling and shaking hands. The refill is a standard pen refill which can be bought at local stationery shops.

  6. Foxy Tights Helper

    Foxy Tights Helper

    £5.23 £4.36

    If you find it difficult to put your socks, tights or stockings on, then this is what you’ve been looking for. Lightweight and flexible, the Foxy Foot can help dress the daintiest of toes to even the biggest of feet.

  7. Key Holder

    Key Holder

    £6.08 £5.07

    It gives extra leverage for the key.

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