Doability video

We've recently upgraded our branding - please forgive us for the slight delay in making a re-branded video! Clive is still the Managing Director, who has the same passions now as he did when we made this video. For hearing impaired individuals, see the transcript below.

My name is Clive Taylor, and I'm the Managing Director of Doability.

Doability provides people with the ability to do - whether it's providing the reach to help people get something from a shelf or undoing a jar, to being able to get down the street for the first time, we carefully select the products to help them do these things, mostly from the UK but also worldwide. We try and find products that are well designed, functional, and durable.

We had a previous customer whom we provided with long-arm crutches.  He was tall - about six-foot-four -and we were able to provide equipment that was specifically designed for his needs that he couldn't find anywhere else.

Being able to do that was a huge thing, not only for the customer, but also for us.

My sister suffered a head injury, and she was left semi-paralyzed down her left side. My sister’s disability provided a window to view what kind of products we take on.

The equipment that we supply is generally relied on daily, so we want to make sure that the product is: One, going to look good; two, is going to work; and three, is going to last.

For this reason, we offer a thirty-day money-back guarantee to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

Customer Service is very important to us at Doability, so we have our phone lines open seven days a week.

We love to hear any feedback on the products we are supplying.

We provide high quality, functional products to people who are looking for something that enhances their quality of life, and a lot of the equipment I see around doesn't do that well.

After watching this video, please check out the rest of our website to see if there are any products that might be of interest to you. If you cannot find here what you're looking for, you may send us a message through chat, which you can find on the left corner of your screen. We will do our best to help you find the mobility equipment you need.

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