Crutch for Children - With design

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In stock

The Children's Patterned Crutch is adjustable to suit your child’s height, with hand grips adjustable from the height of 77cm to 100cm. Available in a range of colours, the open cuff prevents chafing on your child’s arm, and the plastic hand grips are designed to keep hands comfortable and provide a strong grip.

Great for: shorter individuals with mobility problems, particularly children.

Use this: out and about, around the home.

These crutches are available in 5 different designs:

-Yellow Cuff with Bee and honey comb design

-Red Cuff with sports design

-Blue Cuff with flower design

-Blue Cuff with music design

-Blue Cuff with bubble design

Key Features:

  • Open cuff
  • Adjustable height
  • Plastic hand grips


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