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A stable walking-aid specially designed for indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to move around the home and outdoors. 
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Volaris S7 Rollator Low, a stable walking-aid specially designed for indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to move around the home and outdoors. This is the standard range of the Volaris S7 Rollator, of which there are specialist ranges.

Great for: Individuals with mobility problems

Use this: Around the home, shopping, out and about

Key Features:

  • X-frame structure for standing in folded position
  • adjustable seat and handle height
  • patented link system brake function
  • travel and parking brakes
  • accessories available for customisation
  • one colour – black and metallic colours

Colours: Anodised aluminium and black/yellow/grey fittings

Available versions: Standard and Low


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Enabled by Design 

Volaris S7: The Rollator Road Test 

Doesn't time fly by when you're having fun? This has definitely been the case for us, here at Enabled by Design HQ. It only seems like five minutes ago that we were on the look out for a budding test-driver extraordinaire, back in June earlier this year. Their challenge, if they wished to accept it, was to take the Volaris S7 rollator out for a spin and really put it through its paces. David Lazell, our knight in shining armour, came forward and the rest, as they say, is history. To find out how David got on, you can watch the video below:

David certainly seemed rather taken with the Volaris S7, so much so that he was planning to buy one for himself. You can read more about David's test-driving experience here

Impressed with what you've seen and heard so far? Fancy taking a Volaris S7 for a test-drive too? If so, let us know here.

Enabled by Design has been super-excited about setting up its very first matchmaking test-drive. We're really passionate about getting the conversation going about "assistive equipment" in general, but just as importantly about those everyday products that can help to make life that little bit easier. We think an important part of this is to get our community testing products, so that they can share their honest feedback on whether products work for them and how they might be improved in the future. Not only does this help other people make an informed decision when buying a particular product, but it will also help to influence future product design and development going forward. 

As our community grows, we'd love for Enabled by Design to become almost the "Which?"of the assistive equipment world, with the emphasis being on information provided by people who've actually used the products for themselves. So if you're a business who's looking for feedback on a product or service or you fancy yourself as our next test-driver extraordinaire, please do get in touch

We'd just like to say a very big THANK YOU to David Lazell (you've been a star!), Doability UK and our friends at thinkpublic for making the rollator road test possible!

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Short DescriptionA stable walking-aid specially designed for indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to move around the home and outdoors. 
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