Bread & Butter Board

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Meal preparation made easy!

Save time in the kitchen with our Bread-and-Butter Board. Everyday, simple cooking tasks can sometimes be difficult when you have limited mobility. Stopping bread moving around as you try to spread it can be a real challenge. But worry no more; the Bread-and-Butter Board is just what you need to help you make your favourite snacks. It’s a simple idea, but one that works. The raised edges of the bread-and-butter board stop the bread moving around and can be used for preparing a variety of snacks. Toast can be a treat again and sandwiches are made simple with the aid of this clever little board.

Bread and Butter Board with raised edges and non-slip ring underneath.

9006263-bread-and-board-ornamin.png Illustrations on how to use

Different Colours:

White Red Yellow Blue Green 

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