Maintaining Your Independence with One Hand

There are several reasons why a loved one in your life can only use one hand. Nevertheless, no matter the reason, the fact of the matter is that having only one hand to use makes it difficult to do what other people perceive as easy, everyday tasks. If you would like to help your elderly parents or grandparents, you might want to consider getting one-handed products designed for the elderly and people who can only use one hand. One of the most helpful products is the Angled Ergonomic Fork Knife. They are designed to combine a fork and a knife so they only have to use one utensil whenever they are eating.

fork knifeMany of the one handed products will come in handy when your loved one tries to dress themselves. This is one of the tasks that old people try to do without any help for as long as they can because they feel that not being able to do so is unacceptable. There is a Dressing Aid that helps put on and remove coats, jackets, and trousers. There is a Button Aid that helps people attach even the smallest buttons on their clothes. If you want to make your loved one feel as if they still have their independence, consider getting them these products. (click here to buy dressing aids.)

However, if your loved one frequents the kitchen, there are also tools to help them there. Various One-Handed Cutting Boards that make cutting food still possible even if they can only use one hand. Another tool they might find valuable is a Rolling Pin that only needs one hand to roll over the dough. (click here to purchase kitchen aids.)

Being able to use only one hand is extremely difficult for many old people because they are used to doing everything with both hands. If you are not born with this disability, being forced to use only one hand can be a hard adjustment. This is why using one-handed products can help maintain freedom in your own home. Even if you can only use one hand and/or have weakness in one of your hands, one-handed products can help make life easier for you and your elderly loved one.

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