Long ago, walking canes were not exclusive to the elderly and people with mobility problems. 

bamboo cane Walking canes were once used as a fashion accessory, status symbol, and even as a weapon. These days, though, canes are mainly used as a walking aid. So how do you choose the right size of walking stick? Below are ways to  find the correct size of walking cane for you: NB: Always remember to measure on the side you'll be using the walking stick. Method A: Test it out against yourself. 1) Put on shoes you normally wear everyday. 2) Stand up the way you would normally do. 3) Let your arms hang at your sides with the elbows slightly bent. 4) Ask someone to place the handle, not the tip, of the cane on the floor at the side where you will be using it. The walking stick must be held up absolutely straight. Result: If the cane tip touches the middle crease of your wrist, it is the right size. If the cane doesn't reach that mark, it is too short, and if it is higher than your wrist, it is too long. Method B: Check your measurements against the stick measurements. 1) Use a yard stick if there is no walking cane available. 2) Measure from the floor to the middle crease of your wrist. Result: The measurement from the floor to the middle crease of your wrist is the length  your cane should be. Method C: A rough calculation based on height.  1) Find your height. 2) Divide it by two. Result: Half your height is roughly the height of the cane you need. If you know you have long arms, you are likely to need a shorter measurement than this!