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  1. 14 Sep

    Choosing a Wheelchair

    Wheelchairs can improve your quality of life. If you have a disability or a condition that affects your walking, buying or hiring a wheelchair allows you to continue doing activities you like. Selecting the right wheelchair can enable you to socialise and go out with family and friends.

    There are two main types of wheelchairs: manual wheelchairs and power wheelchairs. 

    Manual Wheelchairs

    These are often most suitable for people who require a wheelchair all or most of the time for mobility. They are also best for those who can walk with a walking stick or rollator but are unable to cope with longer distances.

    To use a self-propelled wheelchair, you need strength and mobility in your arm

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  2. 7 Sep

    Safety Tips: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

    In most cases, society has it that the adult children take on the role of caring for the aging parent. Nonetheless, over the past several years, more and more grandparents are now caring for their grandchildren. Reasons for this setup include unmarried teen mothers, drugs, sickness, and economic issues among others.

    Still, there are concerns for the grandparent who is chasing around an active child. Studies show that thousands of disabled grandparents are responsible for grandchildren. It can be difficult and downright dangerous for a senior who has physical limitations to take care of a younger child.

    Establishing safety measures within the home would be the key to reducing the risk of falls and accidents. It is not only for the grandparent's well-being, but for the younger child's, as well.

    Safety tips to consider:

    • If you insist on picking up the young bairn, make sure you have the proper back support to avoid injury.
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  3. 28 Aug

    Back Pain Relief

    If you are like most adults, more than likely, you have experienced some lower back pain, spasms, or general discomfort.

    Back pain occurs because of several reasons. Often, it can be due to the actual structure of the body, such as herniated disks or osteoporosis. Upper back pain can result from spinal inflammation or other more severe issues such as infection or shingles.

    The prevailing cause of back pain is strained muscles and ligaments that often leads to painful muscle spasms. Lifting objects that are too heavy, as well as abnormal or awkward movements of your body are usually the culprit for this type of lower back injury. One can also suffer from back pain due to a bad mattress, standing for longer than normal periods of time, poor posture, or improper sitting.

    You can prevent back pain or injury by trying to avoid some of the following:

    • Being overweight
    • Improper exercise and overstretching
    • Sedent
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  4. 21 Aug

    Choosing Power Wheelchair Pressure Cushions

    Power chair users usually have medical conditions that result to upper body weakness. Most of them have the inability to lift or shift their weight, making it hard to relieve pressure. 

    If combined with ill-fitting or inappropriate wheelchair cushions, severe skin trauma can occur due to:

    • constant, concentrated pressure from sitting
    • hazardous forward sliding or slipping from the seat 
    • moisture build-up and lack of air at the point of contact
    • poor circulation and localised numbness

    These, along with other risk factors, may lead to the development of painful pressure ulcers.

    However, the right wheelchair cushion can contribute to a hea

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  5. 7 Aug

    Benefits of Using Mobility Aids

    Mobility aids help the geriatric population stay active and independent.

    Today's seniors are mostly on the go. Many people over 65 are living more active lives than their parents did. Given this trend, it is clear that mobility plays a critical role in the geriatric population. By their 70s, many seniors develop chronic medical conditions that can impact their ability to stay active. Good thing, because of advances in mobility aids, a wide array of products are available to help the elderly remain independent and productive.

    Enormous advancements in assistive technology have made mobility aids more safe and reliable. They have also helped enhance mobility for many individuals.


    The cane is the most used mobility aid. Canes support up to 25% of a person's weight and may prevent falls. The two types of walking sticks available are single-point can

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  6. 27 Jul

    Benefits of Exercise for Disabled - Part 2

    As we have described in Benefits of Exercise for Disabled - Part 1, there’s a vast array of exercises for disabled people. Likewise, there are many ways to tailor them to fit your needs.

    Almost anybody can take up light to moderate exercise. However, it is ideal to talk to your doctor before embarking on an exercise plan, especially if you haven't been active recently due to your disability or confinement to a power chair.

    Staying Safe when Exercising

    Stop exercising if you experience pain, nausea, dizziness, chest pain, or shortness of breath. If you experience pain after 15 minutes of exercise, limit your workouts to 5 or 10 minutes.

    Avoid activity involving an injured body part. If you have an upper-body injury, exercise your lower body, and vice versa. After an inju

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  7. 19 Jul

    Benefits of Exercise for Disabled - Part 1

    You don’t need to have full mobility to experience the health benefits of exercise. If disability, illness, injury, or weight issue has limited your mobility, there are still plenty of ways you can exercise.

    Exercise eases depression, relieves stress and anxiety, and improves your whole outlook on life. While there are challenges that come with having mobility issues, you can overcome any limitations and find ways to get active.

    Benefits of Exercise for Disabled

    Your body releases endorphins when you exercise. This hormones relieve stress and trigger a sense of well-being. If you workout and recently got an injury, you might have noticed how inactivity has caused your mood and energy levels to sink. Exercise has a powerful effect on mood that it can treat mild to moderate depression like an antidepressant medication. However, an injury doesn’t mean there's no hope for your mental and emotional health. While some injuries respond best to total rest, most

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  8. 11 Jul

    Housework for Wheelchair Users

    Doing housework from a wheelchair is possible, though it is not practical. Nonetheless, some of us insist on doing it.

    To make household chores more accessible, choose those that you can and should do. Don't force yourself to do chores you can't or shouldn't do because it will just harm your body or make you too tired or cranky to do more rewarding work.

    If you can afford it, get a housekeeper to come to your house every week. However, if you're stuck with it, here are some tips on how to make housework doable:


    Forget the kitchen-style broom; shop brooms are the way to go. You can pull it toward you as you back out the door, then push the dirt off outside.

    You can also use a broom with a shorter handle, along with a stand-alone dustpan. That way, you don't hit yourself on the head trying to use a long sweeper with one hand.

    If you have a

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  9. 3 Jul

    Travel Tips for Power Wheelchair Users

    Traveling around the world is a life-changing experience, which should be available to everyone. However, those with limited mobility often struggle to navigate in a world that contains many barriers. Still, it doesn’t mean that you can’t travel like the rest of humanity.

    In today’s modern technology, the new designs of power wheelchairs enable users to easily manoeuvre even in tight spaces, and fold them small enough for easy storage. This type of power chairs are a worthy investment if you want to embark on an adventure and see the world.

    But first, there are things you must consider when you plan to travel with a power chair. We have put together some easy tips to make your experience the best it can be.

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  10. 2 May

    2 in 1 Rollator and Transit Chair: The Rollator of Choice for Age-Related Walking Weakness

    As people get old, doing activities, even something as simple as walking, can suddenly test your physical capabilities in new and unpleasant ways. The invention of rollators made it possible to walk with less effort, without the burden of lifting a standard walker. And the best type of rollator for people who quickly get tired of walking is a 2 in 1 rollator and transit chair.

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