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Readi Bed Pads are high quality, washable, and reusable absorbent underpads, designed to ensure dryness and comfort while sleeping. These bed pads deliver outstanding levels of performance because of their unique Readi stay dry technology construction. The pads consist of 5 layers which combine luxury and protection with advanced moisture-absorbing properties. The pad gently draws fluid away from the surface so the user stays dry. It is capable of holding up to 2500ml of fluids for optimum performance.

Made for those who want both relief and discretion, Readi Bed Pads look and feel just like normal bedding. They also have a soft feel, without any uncomfortable, protruding stitching or quilting patterns. They can be washed and dried in the same way as ordinary bed linen. They are guaranteed to maintain their efficacy for up to 300 washes and tumble dry cycles in domestic washing machines.

They are also environmentally friendly compared to disposable incontinence products which use considerable amounts of raw materials and energy during production.

The standard Readi Bed Pad provides light-to-moderate incontinence care, and it is supplied with tuck-under wings that are particularly suitable for patients confined to bed. 

Key Features:

  • Unique stay-dry technology for optimum comfort and protection
  • Highly absorbent; can hold up to 2500ml of fluids
  • Soft, smooth feel 
  • Guaranteed to stay effective for up to 300 wash cycles


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