Dressing and Grooming Aids

Dressing and Grooming Aids such as shoe helpers, button aids, extra long hair brushes and combs, nail file and nail brush with suction cups, self-opening nail scissors, and dressing sticks are a big help to people with limited flexibility.

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  1. Long Handle Comb

    Long Handle Comb

    £20.45 £17.04

    Designed for those who have difficulty extending their upper extremities.

  2. Long Handle Brush

    Long Handle Brush

    £21.29 £17.74

    This grooming aid has a longer handle than a normal brush, making it easier to brush through the hair.

  3. Moist Skin Cleansing Wipes

    Moist Skin Cleansing Wipes

    £72.70 £60.58

    Provide a convenient and efficient method of cleansing for the user, as well as being gentle to the skin.

  4. The small ezy-on makes putting on conventional socks and stockings a breeze

    Ezy-On Sock Helper

    £10.99 £9.16

    Helps you put on your socks and hosiery, including compression hosiery.

  5. Leg-Up


    £9.98 £8.32

    Can easily help you overcome the need to bend down or hold onto something in order to lift your leg.

  6. The Grip

    Shoe Helper

    £13.99 £11.66

    Probably the most independent dressing aid of its kind, it can still be used to retrieve items around the home, particularly footwear. 

  7. Nail Brush and File with Suction Cups - Set

    Nail Brush and File with Suction Cups - Set

    £25.24 £21.03

    Consists of a nail brush and nail file, both with built-in suction cups at the base.

  8. Waterproof Pants - Unisex

    Waterproof Pants - Unisex

    £10.36 £8.63

    Designed to look like traditional underwear. It is made from soft, rustle-free PVC to protect against leakage.

  9. Hard Surface Wipes

    Hard Surface Wipes

    £73.09 £60.91

    Suitable for cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces. It's ideal for use in many clinical and food preparation areas.

  10. Multi-Surface Wipes

    Multi-Surface Wipes

    £61.94 £51.62

    Highly effective cleaning and disinfecting wipes that are scientifically proven to kill bacteria and fungi. 

  11. Using the Shoe Horn

    Long Shoe Horn

    £4.99 £4.16

    Allows you to avoid bending over too much, as well as helping guide your feet into your shoes.

  12. Tube Squeezer

    Tube Squeezer

    £13.22 £11.02

    If you have trouble getting the toothpaste or tomato puree out of the tube, or you simply want to save money, you won’t waste a drop with this.

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